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Play progressive slots online in South Africa. If you’ve ever dreamed of winning vast sums of money with online slot machines in South Africa, then you probably know that you need to play progressive jackpot slot machine games in order for that to happen. If you don’t know what progressive slots are, you needn’t worry. We will take a look at progressive jackpot slots, and tell you about some of the finest games in which can see you stand a chance of winning millions of Rands.

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What is a progressive jackpot slot?

Before we come to that, though; let us first discuss what a progressive slot really is. There are two types of online slot machine games. There are those which offer progressive jackpots, and those which are non-progressive. Non-progressive slots have jackpots which are always fixed at the same amount. Progressive jackpots on the other hand are not capped, and can rise to really vast sums of money.

Whenever a player makes a bet on a progressive slot, a small piece of that bet is added to the progressive jackpot pot. It will then rise until it is won. Once the jackpot has been won, a default minimum amount is available, and then the jackpot once more continues to grow. How much are we talking about here? Well, that varies from slot to slot, but often at least about R100,000.

How to win progressive jackpots

You can win progressive jackpot slots in various ways, depending on the slot you are playing. Some progressive slots require players to land specific symbols on specific lines, whilst others award you the jackpot entirely at random. Some require players to be successful at a bonus game, and others contain multiple progressive jackpots for you to win. The way you win a progressive varies from slot to slot.

Where to find progressive jackpot slots

As a South African player, if you’re after playing the very best progressive slots, then we know just the place. You should try out This online casino site has some absolutely superb Playtech developed progressive slots, which are ideal for South African players. Let’s take a closer look at some of the amazing progressive slots you can play there.

Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network slots

progressive slots onlineThe main batch of progressive jackpot slots are known as Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network slots, purely because they run on the network of the same name. They all also contain a Marvel superhero as their theme, with Iron Man 2, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Daredevil and Blade, some of the options which you have open to you.
There are four progressive jackpots in these slots, but they are shared between them. For instance, if somebody wins the progressive jackpot on X-Men, they will also have won the progressive jackpot on Iron Man 2. The four progressives in these slots are known as the Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Poker jackpots. Generally the Power Jackpot doesn’t exceed a couple of hundred Rand, whilst the Extra Power jackpot is often worth around about R5,000. The Super Power jackpot can be worth as much as R25,000 or more, whilst the Ultimate Jackpot is often worth several hundred thousand Rand.

Each of these progressive slots offers slightly different feature and bets, but the one thing that remains the same is the way the progressive is won. The amount you can win is often based on your bet. The more you bet, the better your chances of triggering one of the progressive jackpots. They are won via a bonus game. In that bonus, players must choose from a series of squares on the board. Once they match three progressive jackpot icons, they will win that respective jackpot.

Other major progressives

Playtech has also kitted out with other great progressive slots for you to play, though, and these don’t run on the Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network. This means that each of these games has their own unique jackpots. The biggest jackpots tend to be available in Gladiator, which is based on the hit movie of the same name. To win this jackpot, players will need to match up helms in a bonus round, with larger bets giving you more favourable odds of landing such a prize. This jackpot can often be worth millions of Rands, and so is far grander than the Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network slots.

Beach Life is one of the more long-lived and legendary progressive slots on the net. This one has a day at the seaside theme, and also contains a whopping progressive. The reason why this jackpot is often so big, is because it is rather difficult to win. Players must land a specific set of symbols on a specific payline, whilst playing with the maximum stake in order to win. The multi-million Rand prize is well worth it, though.

Other progressive jackpots which you can find if you’re a player in South Africa, are Gold Rally and Wall Street Fever, to name just a few. Like all one-off progressive jackpot slots, they have their own features and their own ways of triggering the bonus. These two slots’ jackpots don’t really reach the heights of the progressive jackpots we’ve already mentioned, though they can still offer you a life changing sums of money.

Which progressive slots should a South African player go for?

That really is up to you. Some people prefer to aim high. If you’ve got money to burn, then it is certainly advantageous to have a crack at the bigger money progressives, which require you to wager more to win more. However, there is an equal number of smaller progressives which don’t require you to bet that much. You won’t win millions of Rands, but you can still pocket plenty of cash, and enough to transform your life.
Personally, we’d always recommend trying out a few free play demos of progressive slots, or reading up on reviews. You should then have a good idea how easy or difficult a progressive might be to win, based on what budget you have to play with. Either way, progressive slots are always going to pay you more than non-progressives. That is just a fact.

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Featured Site R32, 000 Welcome Bonus
Casino: Software: Playtech
South Africa: US Players Accepted Min Deposit:R0

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