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Craps may look like a difficult game to play, but in actually, it isn???t. This age-old casino game can be found in land-based casinos across the globe, although it is not as common on online casino domains. As a player based in South Africa, you can find craps in some online casinos. It is also fairly simple to learn.


Firstly, players must place a bet. Now there are about 40 different craps bets, but the only one you really need to know to start playing is the Passline bet. That???s what we???re going to focus on here. But before we do that, you???ll need to bet. Place whatever you wish to stake on the Passline on the craps table, and you can begin.

How To Play Craps

online craps south africaAfter you have made your craps bet, it is time to start. The shooter will roll the dice (it may not necessarily be you). This first roll is the Come Out roll. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on both dice, then the player wins their Passline bet. However, if the shooter rolls as 2, 3 or 12 on the dice, then the player loses their bet. If any other number appears on those dice, then that number is the ???point???. The shooter must then roll that number again, before a 7 appears on the dice. If the 7 appears first, then the player loses their bet.

Odds Bets

Another popular set of bets in craps is the Odds bet. These bets can only be placed after the point number has been determined. In all honesty, the casino has no house edge on this bed, so it can be rather profitable if it comes off. You can bet double odds (twice your original Passline bet) in most casino sites. What you are basically betting on with Odds bets is that a specific number will appear before the point or the 7.


If the player wins their Passline bet, then they will pocket winnings of 1:1. Players will also get winnings of 1:1 for all wins on the point number. If the shooter rolls a seven before you can win on a point number, then the player loses their bet.

However, if they have player has placed an Odds bet and it comes good, things get really interesting. Players can pocket winnings of 2:1 if the point number was 4 or 10. Should the point number have been either a 5 or a 9, then the player can win 3:2 with an Odds bet. Lastly, should the point number have been a 6 or 8, then the player will pocket winnings of 6:5.

You can play craps with just the Passline bet, and in fact, many players in South African do just that. Although it can be advantageous to learn some of the other bets, especially if you want to play craps for big money, you don???t really have to. The Passline bet is all you need to get started on craps.

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