How To Win At Slots

How to win at slots online South Africa. If you’ve played slots before, you have probably won at some point or another. Now, it might not be the multi-million dollar jackpot you were hoping for, but small wins can matter, too. Are there any ways in which you are guaranteed to pull off a mighty win? Not really. There are no guarantees. If there were such things as cheats, we’d all be using them. There are ways in which you can ensure you have a decent chance of winning when playing slot machines online, though. These are some tips to get you started in the right direction.

how to win at slots online south africa

Play the best paying slot games

One way to ensure that you stand a more than decent chance of success, is to play online slot machine games which have high pay-out percentages, also known as RTP (return to player rates). The very best slots will have high pay-out percentages, around about the 95% and up mark. Any slot that has a RTP rate of 90% or lower is not worth your time. These rates don’t guarantee massive victories, but they do ensure that you will win something, no matter how small.

Play for free, and check those paytables

Any good slot player who is keen to win will certainly play free slots. South African players need only Google “free online slots SA” to come across a wealth of those. With free slots, you won’t be able to win any real money, but you will be able to learn how each slot works, free of charge.

We’d also advise players to check the paytable of any slot they wish to play. Online slots which feature a high number of symbols on a small grid 5×3 (5 reels with 3 symbols on each row) for instance, don’t offer you many chances to win. Slots with large grids (5 reels with 4 or more symbols per reel), and a smaller number of symbols give you a better chance.

It is also worth noting that the more scatter and bonus icons you have on the reels, the less space there is for standard paying symbols to appear in winning combinations.

Choose a betting strategy

Is your slot a high variance or low variance slot? This is something you are going to want to find out, and any good online slot review will tell you that. Once you know whether your slot pays out small wins very often, or big wins but very rarely, you’ll know how to set up your betting strategy. This will ensure that you at least get the most out of your slot gaming experience.

Play at online casinos which offer you bonuses

Should you decide to go after the big money slot machine games, then you might find that you need to wager larger sums of cash in order to stand a reasonable chance of success. If this is the case, then a handy and welcome casino bonus is certainly going to help you along the way. There are many South African online casinos which have bonuses related to deposits and individual slots. If you need the cash, claim them as they can help you hunt down a big win.

Picking the right progressives

Whilst playing progressives, you may notice that some slots share jackpots – such as Playtech’s Marvel progressive jackpot slots. It is better to play slots which feature their own progressives and not shared ones, since this will lessen the number of people who can win them. Moreover, some progressives require players to wager vast sums of cash to be eligible to win a progressive, others (with multiple jackpots) can potentially be won without staking a lot of money. You’d be better going for the latter. offers you the best chance to win

Although there are several top quality South African online casinos which allow you some of the perks and privileges mentioned above, offers you the works. It is an online casino which carries bonuses, has slots with broad wagering ranges which you can try, and carries a superb selection of high variance, low variance and progressive jackpot slots. South African players are advised to try their slot machines online.

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