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Casino Games. Best Slots

If you thought that the casino industry is crowded with online casino games, you have not seen the selection of slots! Here it is crawling with opportunities, and you can almost get dizzy when visiting certain online casinos with thousands of casino games under the same roof. Today's slot machines come in all shapes and colors, where thematic video slots and Jackpot games often steal the headlines. However, one should not miss out on some classic slot machines, not to mention a good number of beautiful, unique gambling games that take their creativity to such a high level that one cannot categorize them at all. Casino specialists have written long, deep reviews of several hundred slot machines, and add frequent new articles about the latest casino games online. With our help you will find a great selection and easily find the best Norwegian slot machines out there, to games that really deserve your attention and your bets. Games that can bring you millions of dollars in winnings, or drag you into the digital surroundings and give you nerve-wracking excitement from the top shelf. Or both at once!

It can be so difficult to choose in the myriad of slot machines online that many players instead focus on the providers. The casino specialist has written about each one of the biggest and most promising game developers out there, so that our dear readers can get to know the companies behind the slots better. In this way, you can find suppliers that are right for you – find suppliers that create games exactly as you would like to see them. Many of our readers love the legendary Microgaming, but at least as many appreciate Swedish NetEnt and their delightful titles. Casinospesialisten, however, has a peculiar love for the younger game developers that ELK Studios and Yggdrasil, since these often include innovative features and unique mechanisms not found in other places. Read our detailed articles about the different suppliers and you will be able to follow certain names in the future. This is how you will know exactly what awaits you when, for example, you see a new slot machine from Play'n go or Red Tiger!

Digital Casino games

It was precisely the opportunity to play classic casino games online that is said to have initiated the entire development of digital gambling games. Before the countless slot machines appeared, most people were eager to try out good, old casino games that were previously only available in physical casinos far away. Now you suddenly left off traveling to Monaco or Las Vegas to enjoy blackjack, roulette or baccarat – it was just creating an account online and enjoying the Authentic Entertainment from the comfort of your own home! Even these days, when slot machines are hijacking most of the attention, classic table games are living in the best of a good deal. So why not use the opportunity you have been served on a silver platter? Casinospesialisten have written long, knowledgeable articles about all casinoklassikerne out there, so that our dear readers will get the basic rules and strategies before starting his first round on the web! Find out how to place bets on the roulette table, how to find the perfect strategy in blackjack, as well as how to take advantage of the lesser-known baccarat tables out there! Play regular table games or at the Live Casino, which gives you the feeling of sitting in Las Vegas even if you are at home in your living room.

Online casino games. Roulette

All online casinos recommended by the casino specialist contain digital roulette tables, so you will have the opportunity to play roulette online at your convenience. Usually you will actually see several different roulette games simultaneously, including European Roulette, French roulette and American roulette. Moreover, these will also be divided into different subcategories where both the bets and the side bets will differ! We love Norwegian roulette! If you want to play roulette online, is Casinospesialisten therefore a natural choice whether you're a beginner or an expert – we'll show you the best online casinos for roulette games on the web!

Online casino games. Blackjack

Also blackjack has experienced a new renaissance after the entry of online casino games. Digital blackjack table is now in place for all casinosider here at Casinospesialisten, and in most cases you'll have over a dozen different tables to try out – including blackjack for high rollers, where you can bet tens of thousands of dollars per round. Classic blackjack and blackjack single are the most popular variants, but Casinospesialisten can also recommend several other variations of the legendary card game – the "multihand" are often beneficial since here you play with multiple hands at the same time, while the creative Deal or No Deal Blackjack offers a unique experience where the dealer will offer you money to fold your cards. The casino specialist recommends all players to try out blackjack online, not least because the classic casino game offers an insurmountable payout rate if they follow the "perfect" strategy. Have fun with Norwegian blackjack at the casino specialist.

Online casino games. Craps

Of course you can also play craps online! The good old dice game has really experienced a renewed interest after it started to appear at the online casinos out there, and countless casino players have now enjoyed the genuine atmosphere that craps always offers. Casinospesialisten has several good recommendations for you who want to play craps on the web, including a leavening guide that explains all the rules in terningsspillet, as well as direct links to selected casinos, where several different craps table are among the selection. When you feel like something a little different and want to understand why craps is so often to watch in various movies on the movie screen, just play craps online!

Online casino games. Baccarat

Although baccarat has long lived in the shadow of their two classic casinoslektninger, roulette and blackjack, have many players in the past discovered exactly why baccaratbordene often stands away from the roulette and blackjackbordene in the physical, land-based casinos. This is because baccarat is extra exciting, extra nerve-wracking and often extra expensive! Casinospesialisten have of course written about baccarat and given to his dear readers a thorough guide that explains all the rules and nuances of the game, but we would like to remind once more that baccarat often played for higher stakes than roulette and blackjack. That's why baccarat online also comes with a rather extravagant, lavish vibe that can't be compared to anything else. Isn't it time you try to play baccarat online?


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